Review – Lifeformed: Cleo Makes Contact

cover art by Cassie Anderson

A couple weekends ago, I attended Rose City Comic Con in my lovely city of Portland, Oregon. I spent way too much money on fangirling items like wallets and photo-ops with David Tennant and also picked up some new comic books to read. One was this delightful surprise from Dark Horse about an eleven-year-old girl dealing with her father’s death and an alien invasion in the same day. The description on the back of the book made me chuckle and the art inside hooked me so I cheerfully handed over my money to the lovely Cassie Anderson, who signed the book for me and sent me on my way.

This was the smartest decision I made all day! I went home that evening and read the entire 190 pages before heading back to the convention the next morning. The story is well-paced and entertaining, striking a good balance between character development and action. The art moves the story forward skillfully while text complements and enhances. The art inside the book is the same style as the cover, so the image here gives you a good example of what you will find inside. The colors are a little muted for my usual taste, but they work well in the context of the story. Most importantly, these characters are people the reader can relate to and root for. The book offers up a few truly heart-wrenching moments for young Cleo. These experiences could come across as heavy-handed with a less-skilled writer/artist team, but instead they evoke just the right level of emotion.

I truly loved reading Lifeformed: Cleo Makes Contact and I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys good YA science fiction.


Fun story: On Saturday at Rose City Comic Con, I was leaving the exhibit hall and saw a guy carrying a couple copies of this book.

Me: Oh, that book is really good!

Him: Really? You liked it?

Me: Yeah, I read the whole thing last night. You’ll love it! Oh, that reminds me… I need to go tell the artist how much I loved it.

Him: Oh, I wrote this. I’m Matt.

Me: Shut up!

Him: No, really.

Me: Well, I loved it! Thank you so much for writing this!

Him: Thank you!

It was silly and I forgot to take my book back to get him to sign it as well. But when book 2 comes out (I think next year), I will get him to sign both of them! In the meantime, you can pick up your copy of Lifeformed: Cleo Makes Contact by clicking on the image below:

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